I grew up on my family's farm out in south Gilbert where I learned the value of honest hard work. I also spent time as a teenager working in the pinepapple fields of Hawaii, this is where my work ethic really blossomed. I try to exemplify and represent my heritage in every home I go to and with every customer I interact with. I love cleaning windows!

Started with Pineapples

The harvesting of the pineapple takes dedication and hard work. I learned this in the pineapple fields of Hawaii as a teenager -when I left my family's farm and traveled to Maui to work picking pineapple. The lessons I learned there will remain with me throughout my life and the skills I gained will continue to guide me as well. It takes motivation and dedication to stick it out in the pineapple fields - the work is long and hard, but so worth it. My brothers and I started Allen Brother's Cleaning over 20 years ago, and we have brought the work ethic from the pineapple fields to our business. The pineapple symbolizes hospitality and that is why we picked it as our logo. We want our customers to have the "pineapple experience" and feel our hospitality as we service all their window cleaning and power washing needs. 

Rainy Day Difference

No one likes to have their windows washed only to see an Arizona thunderstorm move in to leave it's mark, and we know that. If only your car washer understood this...

In addition to seeking out the finest window cleaning chemicals on the market to ensure your windows look better longer, we also guarantee that we will provide a complementary touch up on any windows spotted by rain within 3 days of our washing it. Think of it as free insurance for your windows... We think of it as "5 Shell Service"